Best New York Restaurants


Let’s talk about the best restaurants. Whether you want to fondle your taste buds with distinct flavour or the allure of the aroma beckons, whether you are a vegan or a complete steak and fries person, all your taste and gourmet preferences are taken care of in the restaurants and joints of the New York thoroughfare.

Best New York Restaurants

Based on the popularity of the quality of food served and the type of ambience, few restaurants in New York fall in the category of the best. These are:

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If the frills of French fashion can be infused with the substance of culinary excellence, the target destination will be the Jean-Georges restaurant at the Trump International Hotel. It offers a platter of elegant French menu surprises along with routine delicacies and perfect wine combinations. All this with the garnish of daintiness. The food offered here and the ambience here are just the true value for money.

Le Bernardin

At Midtown’s Le Bernadin too, the French connection continues albeit with a sumptuous alliance with seafood. The price tag is as high as the coquettish cover of the table linen, the aesthetics of the ambience, the passionate presentation and of course as precious as the love affair with the culinary class! If you want to make a day special, Le Bernardin is the place to be.

Eleven Madison Park

Weaving the parables of palatable pleasures is the Eleven Madison Park Restaurant opposite Madison Square Park. There are bookings for about a month. The dinner here is a 13-course long affair spread over about 3 and 1/2 hours. Each course unfolds a separate flavour and taste and still very easily leads to the other. True American cuisines can be savoured here if you want a quiet, sophisticated, longish food affair and not a ‘have fun and freak out with friends’ dining experience.


For the next best New York restaurants, In the southern part of Central Park is the Italian culinary love affair by the name of Marea. The pasta and pizza cuisine stories have a preamble of peerless excellence clubbed with the most gracious and cordial service. Fusilli with octopus and bone marrow and sea urchin with lardo and sea salt are the biggest draws of this Italian restaurant in New York.

Tamarind Tribeca

The worry of the Indian curry is no longer there in New York culinary circles. Tamarind Tribeca is a celebration of the Indian spicy delight, which is visually enticing with the colour fare of the food, aromatically tempting with the delicate aroma of oriental spices, and flavour-wise a flirting fantasy with the tongue! All curries and “koftas” are hot enough yet delicately spiced to suit every person’s preference.

Red Farm, in the West Village

This restaurant is an up-market perfect Chinese restaurant in New York which has understood and implemented market customization in its most perfect form. And so, the underlying thought process of its Chinese cuisine is “Chinese cuisine with a Greenmarket sensibility”. With this thought, you never know the honey chilly potato may opt to stride on the rib steak terrain and the chaste chipset can leave a truffled trail of experimental delectables. If you want this unique taste in dumplings, kun pao chicken, etc, your visit to Red Farm is confirmed.

Gotham Bar and Grill

This is a melting pot of American food fantasy. Gotham Bar and Grill restaurant in Greenwich Village in New York’s pride. The slow sizzle of elegant servings by sophisticated waiting staff against the backdrop of lilting melodies sets the perfect mood to enjoy each morsel of food served.

These top New York restaurants serving different types of cuisine, from Italian to Chinese and from French to Indian are a food lovers’ paradise of delectables!

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